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Welcome to the new look Wursthaus Kitchen website!  We will continue to update this site over the coming weeks, but if there's something you'd like us to know, or something we can help you with, we'd love to hear from you!  You can send us an email here, or feel free to give us a call on (03) 6224 0644.

event catering

We offer a fully inclusive catering service for all events, from the private to corporate sector.  


Join us for a hands on masterclass at Wursthaus - an exclusive opportunity to work with Wursthaus chefs in our fully commercial kitchen.  

For bookings or for more information, click the link below, or call our shop on 6224 0644.  


Fully customisable hampers filled with Wursthaus goodies.  Pick up or delivery available for Hobart and surrounds.  


Wursthaus Kitchen Salamanca

(03) 6224 0644 //  info@wursthauskitchen.com.au


wursthaus kitchen launceston

(03) 6331 9171 // launceston@wursthaus.com.au


news & events


this week’s

cheese tasting boxes

cheese tasting boxes - 2-3 tasters of this week’s best cheeses, selected by our resident cheese specialist.

This week’s boxes include 2x choices:

Box A: 2x cheeses

  • Fromager d’affinois bleu (FRANCE) - a rich & creamy blue cheese from the original home of all fine cheeses! Smooth on the palate but full of flavour. Try this paired with the sweet membrillo (quince) paste packed alongside the cheeses in your cheese box.

  • Pyengana Farmhouse Cheddar (TAS) - arguably Tassie’s best cheddar (but we are biased!) Pyengana are one of the most authentic cheddars you’ll find in Australia. The incredible thing about this cheese is the difference from batch to batch, highlighting just how much the milk makes a difference when making cheese. In summer, this cheese is a bright yellow, golden colour, and robust in flavour. In winter, this cheese is pale yellow, much more subtle in flavour. It all depends on the grass & fresh herbs the cows are eating at the time!

Box B: 3x cheeses

  • Pyengana Farmhouse Cheddar (TAS) - see above

  • Coal River Farm Phoenix Ashed Brie (TAS) - made locally, from a new farm in Richmond (the road to Richmond makes a great wine & cheese trail, FYI). This cheese is perfectly ripe for this weekend - handpicked just for you!

  • Papillion Roquefort (FRANCE) - a french, sheep’s milk, blue cheese. This cheese is salty and sharp - try small bites to savour the flavour. Paired with something a little sweeter (perhaps the membrillo quince paste in the cheese box, or those juicy muscatels), will bring out different flavours in the cheese.

Hoping you enjoy this week’s selection!

Johanna - Cheese Specialist



Huon Valley Berkshires has made State Winner in the Delicious Australia Produce Awards for 2018!

Wursthaus Kitchen has an exclusive supply of Huon Valley Berkshire Pork.  These are Heritage-breed Berkshire pigs grown in the Huon Valley that produce succulent marbled meat with outstanding flavour.

These black pigs are born and raised entirely outdoors by our suppliers Damien & Lilli Reardon. They are fed on a combination of GMO - free grain based food combined with apples & cherries from the family orchard along with constant access to pasture.