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We offer a fully inclusive catering service for all events, from the private to corporate sector.  


Join us for a hands on masterclass at Wursthaus - an exclusive opportunity to work with Wursthaus chefs in our fully commercial kitchen.  

For bookings or for more information, click the link below, or call our shop on 6224 0644.  


Fully customisable hampers or gift vouchers for a complete selection of Wursthaus goodies.  Pick up or delivery available for Hobart and surrounds.  


Wursthaus Kitchen Salamanca

(03) 6224 0644 //  info@wursthauskitchen.com.au


wursthaus kitchen launceston

(03) 6331 9171 // launceston@wursthaus.com.au


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milawa free range & organic chickens & eggs

Russell Mickle has been producing Free Range poultry for 19 years in Milawa, North Eastern Victoria. The farm is nowCertified Organic.

The chickens are let out at 6.30am to roam in the paddocks. They are fed a small supplementary feed of crushed grains, outdoors once a day, to encourage the birds to stay outdoors, scratching in dirt, and eating worms and grass.

At sunset the birds naturally head back inside the barns to sleep. A wire gate is closed to protect them from foxes and feral animals. The next day at dawn they are again let out into the paddocks in search of food - and so the process continues...

Milawa Free Range Eggs are produced from free ranging chickens with less than 500 birds per hectare. This is the lowest number we have ever seen!  The birds feed on organic pastures and one supplementary feed of grain per day. 

They are real eggs, from contented chickens.
All available at the Salamanca store.

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